Key Statistics

Why Mount Barker? Why not!

The Mount Barker region is thriving, rich in natural beauty, community spirit and opportunity. The opportunities for investors and new enterprises are compelling.

$2.8 Billion In Housing & Major Project Investment by 2037

It is the council's goal to attract $2.8 billion in housing and major project investment over the next two decades.

Gross Regional Product to be over $1.2 Billion

Through more than 2,600 local businesses, it helped to guide the economic development of our region and impact our gross regional product.

10,882 Local Jobs Created

Retail and hospitality provide more employment opportunities more than any other sector.

58%-77% Increase in Working Residents

To increase growth in the number of working residents, we are attracting new investment in infrastructure, enterprise and our priority industry sectors.

Exports to Increase 2.6 Billion by 2036

By increasing our exports, it will underpin our ongoing prosperity and catalyse new ventures and partnerships in emerging industries we are well placed to support.

49.3% Educational Qualifications

There are 49.3% educationally qualified people over 15 who have completed Year 12 with Bachelor or higher, Advance Diploma and Vocational qualifications.

South Australia's 2nd Biggest City

Mount Barker's total residential population is anticipated to grow to more than 55,000 (including surrounding communities).

40% Increase Growth in Creative Jobs

Jobs from the creative industries such as photography, graphic design and consulting are doubling the growth rate of the general workforce.

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